Karl Dyson

Karl Dyson

Experienced Infrastructure, DNS, & Network Engineer

Personal Profile

With circa 25 years experience in various sectors, I have a broad range of skills to offer. I have progressed steadily from a network analyst, gained customer facing people skills on a helpdesk, before moving into technical support of multi-protocol, multi-site LAN and WAN configurations. I am a strong team worker, but equally content working in isolation, under my own initiative when required. I learn quickly, and rapidly earn the respect and trust of my colleagues. More recently I have worked in global network infrastructure design, support and deployment, improved my already wide Cisco hardware and IOS skills, picked up JunOS skills, learnt to develop tools and utilities in Perl and to a lesser degree PHP, and become skilled in F5 LTM & GTM configuration and deployment.

I strive for high levels of attention to detail, and thrive on a job well done.

I enjoy challenging roles that facilitate growth, whilst allowing me to combine and refine these existing skills.


Senior DNS Engineer at Nominet

Jan 2015 - Present

I'm part of the team that runs the nameservers for the uk ccTLD along with a number of other gTLDs (such as wales, cymru & bbc) that Nominet provide the registry backend systems and DNS for. I work closely with the Systems Administration team, who look after the registry systems such as whois, EPP, etc.

I'm the lead network engineer for the nameserver constellation, and my major accomplishments so far include leading the network re-design of the nameserver constellation, adding anycast, and migrating to the new nameservers with zero outage or downtime.

Principal Network Engineer at Symantec Corporation

May 2011 - Dec 2014

I'm part of a team that is primarily responsible for keeping the lights on within the global networks encompassing AS21345, 26282 & 7583, as well as their connectivity to transit providers and peers alike.

We also act as Network Lead on projects, consulting with them to ensure best practice is employed whilst delivering solutions that are fit for purpose.

Major accomplishments include the design and implementation of a global balancing platform, including the seamless migration from a previous vendor's hardware with zero downtime.

Earlier Career at Symantec, formerly MessageLabs

January 2000 - May 2011

For the 3 years leading up to my appointment as Principal Network Engineer, I was a Senior Service Platform Engineer. When a new project is initiated to provide anything from new functionality, through to complete SaaS product lines, Service Platform engage with other key stakeholders to help question and refine requirements, and ensure the solution is fit for purpose. They then work with other areas of Infrastructure to produce the hardware, network, and traffic flow design, and work with project managers and supply chain to acquire quotes and secure space, network and power availability in our datacentres.
The role was also heavily involved in research of new hardware, my most recent evaluation and proof of concept resulting in investment in F5 hardware for local and global traffic management. I am generally seen as the "buck stops here" person for internal F5 escalation, prior to problems being escalated to F5 Support.
I started at MessageLabs, as it was then, in 2000 as a Senior Engineer when they grew out of Star Internet. This was in the early days of the company, and so Senior Engineer pretty much meant everything from research and design of new equipment, through implementation to support and customer provisioning. I was involved with the continuing design and support of the mail scanning architecture, as well as the mechanisms that ensured anti-virus signature updates got out to them, and statistical data collected from them. The equipment was housed in a number of datacentres around the world to ensure resilience.
As the company grew, I moved into a newly created team that more specifically looked after this infrastructure, its design, build, installation, and hand over to the operational support teams.
The role of Senior Infrastructure Engineer involved me in the design and implementation of new architecture, the research of new hardware and potentially its implementation, network design, support and monitoring, and the production of tools and utilities to aid the support teams in de-skilling tasks to enable them to become more efficient. In this role, I produced tools that included scanning our customer base for open relay, checking our mail infrastructure for latency and SLA compliance and a configuration generator that produces switch, router and load balancer configurations to minimise human error when configuring equipment. This role quickly evolved as the company grew, and a new team was created, dedicated to the production of these tools and utilities, and the growing need for monitoring tools.
In that role, as Engineering Developer, I was primarily involved in the production and support of these support tools. Mainly written in perl, they are either command line based, or perl CGI.

Key Skills

  • TCP/IP
  • F5 Hardware, LTM, GTM & iRules
  • Perl
  • Cisco Hardware & IOS
  • Juniper Hardware & JunOS
  • OSPF
  • BGP
  • DNS
  • Bind9
  • SMTP & email routing
  • Linux SysAdmin (Redhat, Debian)
  • Troubleshooting
  • IPv6
  • Apache
  • Exim 4
  • Dovecot
  • PHP


East Warwickshire College - 1988-1990


BTEC HNC Electronic Engineering & Computer Science